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Shipwreck Lodge is the only accommodation facility located on the desolate and world-renowned Skeleton Coast, steeped in history. Situated in the far north-west of Namibia, a short distance from the cold Atlantic Ocean, the lodge offers ultimate luxury and unparalleled service to our guests while they explore the mysteries of this coastline.

The history of the Skeleton Coast is harsh and dramatic, and as you traverse these shores, you can imagine why the Portuguese sailors of old dubbed it “The Gates of Hell”. Over a thousand wrecks scatter the coastline, but only a few are visible to us, slowly breaking up or rusting away under the relentless assault of sea mists and saltwater over the years.

Stories abound of the wrecks and their crew and passengers being stranded on these unforgiving shores. From ships to diamond mines, this coastline has a dramatic and colourful history. The bones and carcasses of animals litter the shores, another testament to its unyielding nature.

The wildlife in this uninhabited landscape flourishes despite the harsh conditions. You can hope to see lion, elephant, brown hyena, jackals, gemsbok, and any number of smaller game on excursions. Our guides offer fascinating insights into the lives of these animals as they take you out and about.

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