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Indulge in a captivating late afternoon drive as the sun begins its descent, casting a golden glow over the ancient desert and the wild Atlantic Ocean. Our expert guides will take you to one of two mesmerising destinations: the shores of the ocean or the Roaring Dunes, both offering breath-taking vistas and unforgettable experiences.

At the ocean's edge, you'll witness the wondrous dance between the setting sun and the endless expanse of water. Feel the cool ocean breeze on your skin and listen to the rhythmic crashing of the waves against the shore. Alternatively, we'll take you to the Roaring Dunes, where you'll see and hear a truly remarkable phenomenon. As the dry sand at the crest of the dune is blown off and cascades down, a distinctive sound, resembling a soft roar, fills the air. It's a sight and sound that will leave impression on your memory.

During the excursion, we'll treat you to a selection of delectable snacks to savour while basking in surroundings. As you indulge in these culinary treats, your guide will share captivating information and fascinating stories about the area and its remarkable inhabitants. Learn about the unique adaptations of the animals and plants that survive in this terrain and gain a deeper appreciation for the delicate balance of life in this harsh environment.

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